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Current residence: Burnaby, British Columbia (on the west coast of Canada)


For over 20 years I earned my living as a computer systems professional, and for the last few years specialized in information analysis/design methods.


Subsequently I then spent about ten years living in a rural community near Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario ... mostly with no hydro, running water, central heating, vehicle or phone ..... and all without any official identity (no driver's license, health insurance, voter registration, bank account, credit card or other personal identification).


During the 1990s I formulated an investigative (thinking) tool that was based on the structural implications of one specific information engineering methodology, known as "entity-relationship modeling".


Since that time I have been engaged in a personal research programme, one which focuses primarily on the perennial Big Question ... "Why are we here?"


The range of my information sources has been extensive and diverse ... ancient and aboriginal belief systems, worldwide religions and mysticism, armchair quantum physics, and cognitive studies .. to name only a few. My present philosophical and ethical framework is derived almost exclusively from these research activities.